11 Tips for an Easy Moving Day

Jun 29, 2022 | Moving

Moving day can be a real challenge. There’s so much going on, so many people involved, and so many things to keep straight, it’s no wonder that psychologists describe it as an intensely emotional experience. Sometimes new beginnings are tough. Other times they’re an exciting, fresh start in the right direction. However you’re feeling about your upcoming move, one thing is for sure — you’ll get through it like a pro with these tips for moving day and beyond.

1. Keep a List

Stay organized and remember the critical information by keeping a list. Whether you go high-tech and make a checklist on your phone or use old-school pen and paper, you’ll feel a lot more confident throughout the process if you record all the little decisions and bits of information that’ll come your way.

Additionally, make a list of your home-related accounts — the electricity, gas, water, internet, etc. — along with contact numbers and your account information. An even easier strategy than writing it down is to gather your most recent statements. Then if there are any questions about service disconnects or reconnects, you have everything you need to have an answer in minutes.

2. Get Good Rest & Get Up Early

Moving day is like a marathon that will exhaust you physically and mentally, so do yourself a favor and get a good night’s sleep. Nourish your body with a healthy meal and go to bed early. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to handle the day from start to finish.

3. Dress for Comfort & Function

It goes without saying, but wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing conducive to movement. Layers give you the ability to add or remove them as needed. Plan ahead and have the clothes you need — you don’t want to have to press pause on the day while you try and dig a windbreaker out of a box. And remember to wear comfortable, supportive footwear. Forget about the flip-flops and opt for tennis shoes or even steel-toe work boots if you’re lifting hefty objects.

4. Charge Your Cell Phone

While it’s not a medically recognized condition, “low battery anxiety” describes the dread we experience when our phone batteries run low. You have enough to deal with on moving day, and you don’t need that or the complications that result from a dead phone. Plug your phone in overnight to ensure a full charge in the morning, and keep a charger ready in your essentials bag just in case you need a boost throughout the day. You want to stay available in case the movers, real estate agent, or anyone else needs to reach you — or you need to reach them.

5. Communicate With Everyone

If you’re enlisting help for your move, make sure everyone has a job and that they know what it is. If you have a professional moving company, they’ll have their own manager on-site to keep the day moving. If friends and family are helping, stay patient and give clear instructions in a kind tone (just a suggestion). Confirm the location of your new home and the route to get there. Provide everyone with directions and instructions so they know what to do once they reach the destination. Parking, gate codes, keys — those are the details to cover. And ask the real estate agent about the preferred protocol for handing off the keys.

6. Have Everything Ready

There are almost always a few remnants to pack up on moving day, but try to have everything ready to go ahead of time to keep day-of packing to a minimum. Nothing will slow progress more than trying to pack boxes when movers want to carry them. Label all your boxes in a way that coincides with your new home. And if you’re working with a professional moving company, make sure you receive a bill of lading and an inventory list of your belongings.

7. Have a Food Plan

One of the most common moving day frustrations is realiizing that it’s late in the day, you haven’t eaten, and the only thing available is an old granola bar that’s been living in the glove box of the rental van for who knows how long. Eek. Avoid getting hangry by keeping snacks and bottled water on hand. Take periodic breaks to rehydrate and recharge. If you need to buy pizza or sandwiches for everyone, designate a specific time in the day to make it happen so that it’s a scheduled break to which your whole moving team can look forward.

8. Find a Place for Kids & Pets

Moving day is hectic, and caring for kids can be a real struggle. If you have kids who are old enough and able to help out, great! But if they’re younger, consider getting someone to look after them. You won’t have to try and watch them while you’re managing a move, and they’ll likely have a lot more fun with a friend or relative. The same goes for your pets. A friend or doggy day care might make for a less stressful day.

9. Be Ready for Cleanup

Just because you’re not taking the dirt and dust with you doesn’t mean that you can leave it! Once everything is out, it’s time for the final cleanup. Have your cleaning supplies ready and get to work. Don’t forget to unplug the fridge and freezer so they can defrost. When you’re finished, do a final walk-through and take photos of every room so you have documentation of the property’s condition when it exchanged hands.

10. Keep Your Important Documents & Valuables With You

Personal documents, jewelry, and any other special items are best hand-delivered by you, as opposed to traveling with everything else in the moving truck. These items might include birth certificates, social security cards, school records, recent bank records, current bills – basically anything that contains personal information. Pack those items and set them aside in a safe and secure location and personally bring them to your new home.

11. Have an Unloading Strategy

Avoid bottlenecks during unloading at your new house by planning ahead. Walk through the house with everyone who will be carrying boxes so they know which boxes go in which rooms. Provide maps and clearly label each room relative to its boxes (which you clearly marked when packing, right?). Another strategy is to color-code everything. Boxes with a blue sticker go in the dining room, boxes with a purple sticker go in the kitchen, etc. Having a system, even a basic one, is integral to keeping things moving until everything is in place.

Don’t Forget to Move the Electricity!

Once you’ve moved to your new location, you may feel a sense of relief — that is, until you realize all the stuff you have left to do. Between unpacking, arranging furniture, and disposing of packing materials, you’ll be busy for days. The last thing you need is a hiccup in your electricity service.

If you’re an existing Energy Texas customer, give us a call and let’s discuss getting your service moved over with a seamless, interruption-free transfer. And if you want to power your new home with the best, clean, renewable energy Texas has to offer, we can help with that too.

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