5 Simple Central Air Tips to Beat the Heat

Jul 5, 2021 | Energy Conservation & Savings, Weather

It’s another scorching July and that means it’s time to crank up the air conditioning. If your home has a central air conditioning system, here are some cool tips that will help it run more efficiently, keep your home comfortable, and save money on that Texas electricity bill.

Change or Clean Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter will reduce the airflow circulating through your system. During the hot Texas summer, it’s a good idea to clean or replace the filter once a month (especially if you smoke or have pets). Typically, it’s very easy and only takes a few minutes. If you buy replacement filters, buy a dozen so you have them on hand year-round.

Clear the Outside Unit of Any Debris

The outside component of your air conditioning unit is the heat exchanger. It contains a compressor and fan which release hot air from the inside of your home. Here, again, airflow is key to keeping cool. Make sure there is no yard debris or anything else blocking any of the unit’s venting. Dirt and rotten leaves can be cleaned out with a hose. Also, if you have a dog, keep it from urinating on the unit because it will corrode the cooling coils.

Make Sure the Black Insulation on the Chilled Gas Line is Intact

This insulation keeps the refrigerant cool as it enters your house. The cooler it stays, the more efficient your system will work. If it is missing, buy some pipe insulation and cover this line. To secure it in place, you can use duct tape, however, it will degrade.  Black electrical tape seems to be more weather resistant.

Clean and Unblock Any Vents in the Rooms You Use

Close the vents in the rooms you don’t use.

Do Some Light Air Sealing

When your system is running, cold air can leak out any openings you might have. Use tape or silicone caulk to seal holes in your ductwork to stay more efficient. These simple tips just take a few minutes but can add up to shave a big portion off your Texas energy bill and make your summer much more comfortable.

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