Make Your Move Hassle-Free with Moving Made Easy

Jun 29, 2023 | Company Updates, Moving, Plans, Rates, and Programs

Moving day – it’s a whirlwind of activity, boxes stacked high, and a mix of excitement and stress in the air. Amidst the chaos, one thing stands out as a major frustration: disconnecting and reconnecting services, especially electricity. The thought of dealing with fluctuating retail electric rates while trying to navigate the logistics of a move can be downright nerve-wracking. But fear not! At Energy Texas, we crafted a solution to make your move a breeze.


Moving Made Easy — A Name That Says It All 

Introducing the Moving Made Easy plan – your ticket to a stress-free and seamless transition to your new home. Get ready to leave the worries behind and embark on a journey where simplicity and convenience reign supreme. Say goodbye to the headaches and embrace a moving experience that’s truly easy.

This plan takes the stress out of your move by letting you lock in the lowest rate for your first bill. That means you get the peace of mind in knowing that you’re starting with the best deal in town with no worries or need to know about outrageous rates. After your initial bill, you get to shift seamlessly to the basic market rate for continued affordability and flexibility with 100% clean, renewable energy.

Oh yeah, and we’ll also give you a $25 DoorDash gift card for a free meal at your new place! Just call it a little housewarming gift from us.


Move Easy With Energy Texas! 

Moving in Texas doesn’t have to be a wild rodeo. With Energy Texas’s Moving Made Easy Plan, you can lock in the lowest rate for your first bill and enjoy worry-free electricity service — allowing you to focus on the logistics of your move. Our plan offers maximum flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with 100% renewable energy. If you’re moving within Texas, contact us today to sign up and make your move a breeze.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other article, “How to Remain Efficient During Your Move.” It has helpful tips to ensure an efficient and organized moving process. Learn how to pack efficiently, label your boxes effectively, and manage your time wisely to make your move as smooth as possible. We’re here to support you every step of the way, providing not only reliable electricity service but also helpful resources to make your move a success!

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