Other ecobee Products to Compliment Your Thermostat

May 17, 2023 | Smart Home

Welcome to the world of ecobee! Where smart home technology meets ultimate comfort and convenience. At the core of the ecobee family of products is the Smart Thermostat Enhanced, which not only regulates your home’s temperature but also pairs with other ecobee sensors and cameras to extend your comfort throughout your space. However, the ecobee system is much more than just a smart thermostat — it’s a gateway into a whole home system that can reduce energy costs while upgrading your lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explore the different ecobee products that work together with your thermostat to make your home smarter, more efficient, and more comfortable.


ecobee Switch+

The ecobee Switch+ is a smart light switch, offering much more than just lighting control. It can also turn electronic devices on or off with just the sound of your voice. With built-in Amazon Alexa, you can ask it to play music, set timers, and control other smart devices in your home. The Switch+ also features a motion sensor that turns the lights on when you enter the room and off when you leave, helping to save energy. The device can also act as a temperature sensor, allowing your ecobee thermostat to adjust the temperature based on occupancy in the room. Plus, with advanced features like occupancy detection and daylight sensing, the Switch+ can help you save energy and money. By pairing the ecobee Switch+ with your ecobee thermostat, you can create a smart home system that’s both convenient and energy-efficient.


ecobee SmartCamera

The ecobee SmartCamera is a state-of-the-art security camera designed to keep your home safe and secure. With its advanced features, this camera can automatically detect motion, sound, and temperature changes, alerting you to potential threats in real time. The camera also comes equipped with a 180-degree field of view, allowing you to keep an eye on every corner of your home. One of the unique features of the SmartCamera is its ability to differentiate between people and pets so that you won’t receive alerts for your furry friends running around the house. You can also customize the alerts to your specific needs, making it a versatile addition to your home security system. With the ecobee SmartCamera, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always connected to what’s happening in your home, even when you’re not there.


ecobee Smart Vent

The ecobee Smart Vent is an intelligent system that balances airflow throughout your home, resulting in a more comfortable living environment. By measuring temperature and occupancy, the Smart Vent can automatically direct air to the rooms that need it most, helping to reduce energy waste and save money on your utility bills. It works seamlessly with your ecobee thermostat to provide comprehensive control over your home’s heating and cooling system. The Smart Vent can also be used with ecobee sensors and cameras to create a more comprehensive home security system. With the Smart Vent, you’ll enjoy better comfort, improved air quality, and greater energy efficiency in your home.


ecobee SmartSensor

The ecobee SmartSensor is a device that pairs with your ecobee smart thermostat to monitor the temperature and humidity in each room of your home. It detects occupancy, automatically adjusting the temperature based on your routine, giving you the ultimate comfort and energy savings. Plus, you can control the temperature in each room separately, ensuring everyone is comfortable. You can also set schedules, receive notifications when temperatures fall outside your desired range, and more. The ecobee SmartSensor is a great addition to your home, allowing you to take control of your comfort and save energy simultaneously.


ecobee SleepSmart

ecobee SleepSmart is an innovative feature within your thermostat designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. It automatically adjusts the temperature of your bedroom to let you sleep at just the right temperature. The feature works by monitoring your sleep patterns and adjusting the temperature accordingly. It will lower the temperature to help you sleep more comfortably when it detects that you’re about to fall asleep.


When it detects that you’re about to wake up, it will raise the temperature to help you wake up feeling refreshed. With ecobee SleepSmart, you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your thermostat during the night again. Plus, you’ll save energy and money by keeping your home at the best temperature for sleep.


Pairing Multiple ecobee Devices

The best part? The ecobee pairing process is easy. Pairing multiple ecobee devices together can enhance the overall experience of your smart home. You can have a fully integrated home automation system by connecting your ecobee thermostat with other ecobee devices, such as sensors, cameras, and switches. This allows you to control and monitor all aspects of your home’s comfort and security from a single app. Additionally, pairing multiple devices can lead to increased energy savings and improved efficiency by allowing them to work together to optimize temperature control and other settings. The process of pairing multiple ecobee devices is easy and well-documented, making it accessible for homeowners of any technical skill level.


ecobee provides documentation for situations like connecting it to your HVAC and upgrading smart thermostats.


Save Energy and Money with ecobee

ecobee is committed to providing an integrated system that provides comfort and convenience and helps homeowners save energy and money. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for three years straight, ecobee’s advanced technology is designed to make homes more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.


ecobee thermostats are proven to help you save up to $284 per year on heating and cooling costs, putting money back in your pocket for years to come. Also, did you know that for every dollar you spend on ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, you can save $4.50 on your bill?


Not to mention that ecobee is environmentally conscious. They have kept 5.1 million tons of CO2e out of the atmosphere and reduced e-waste and landfill waste by repairing and reusing thermostats. In fact, ecobee thermostats have saved enough energy to equal taking all the homes in LA and Chicago off the grid for one year.


With ecobee, you can be assured that you are positively impacting the environment while saving money on your energy bills (and reducing your carbon footprint.)


Be Smart With ecobee

ecobee offers a suite of smart home products that work seamlessly together to provide ultimate comfort and convenience for homeowners. We have discussed the features and benefits of ecobee’s products, including the ecobee Smart Thermostat, ecobee Switch+, ecobee SmartCamera, ecobee Smart Vent, ecobee SleepSmart, Eco+ Technology, and the ability to pair multiple ecobee devices together.


Energy Texas partnered with ecobee because we share the same values of sustainability and innovation. By integrating ecobee products into our offerings, we give our customers easy access to the best smart technology available, making it easier to save energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower their utility bills. We believe in providing our customers with the tools they need to make environmentally conscious decisions while enjoying the ultimate in comfort and convenience.


Thanks to our partnership, our customers have two opportunities to receive an ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced: By signing up to our ecobee Clean & Green plan that is bundled with an ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced or via MyAccount at an exclusive price. 


We encourage readers to consider integrating ecobee products into their homes for the many benefits they offer, including the recent recognition of ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium as one of TIME’s Best Inventions 2022, seamless integration with Apple HomeKit and other smart home systems, and the assurance that ecobee won’t sell or misuse your data.


With effortless solutions that just work, we believe that homeowners can enjoy smart technology at home with ecobee products. Start enjoying the benefits of ecobee today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and sustainable home!

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