What is Solar Buy Back?

Oct 3, 2022 | Company Updates, Plans, Rates, and Programs, Renewable Energy

Energy Texas is your energy partner, literally! With our new Solar Buy Back program, you can sell your excess electricity and earn bill credits from Energy Texas.


If you have a solar panel system installed on your house or you have ever considered it, you’ve probably heard of a concept called net metering. Net metering is when your solar panels produce more energy than you need, and the surplus is added to the grid — in effect, turning you into an energy producer. So not only are you able to generate your own solar electricity, but you generate it for the grid and get paid!


Get Paid for Your Solar Energy With Solar Buy Back From Energy Texas!

The Sun-Jacinto Solar Buy Back Program gives customers with solar panels the ability to get paid for power generated from their home’s solar panel system. That means that not only can you reduce your carbon footprint by producing your own clean, green renewable electricity, but you can also earn a return on your photovoltaic panel investment and achieve solar independence.


How Does It Work?

When your solar panels produce more energy than you use, that surplus electricity is uploaded to the grid, and you receive credits to your account at the same kilowatt-hour rate as your energy plan. In other words, we pay you what you pay us!

What’s the Qualification Process?

The Solar Buy Back Program has certain eligibility requirements in order to participate.

  1. Install a complete photovoltaic system, including the solar panels and inverter, on your home.
  1. Establish an interconnection agreement with the Transmission Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to have your system inspected so you can get permission to operate on Texas’ grid. (30 days)
  1. With your interconnection agreement approved, your TDSP will install a meter to measure the in-flow and out-flow of electricity to and from your home. (60 days)
  1. When your solar system is fully approved, sign up with Sun Jacinto Solar Buy Back to earn credit for the excess energy your system produces for the grid.
  1. After your meter has been installed and confirmed by your TDSP,  Energy Texas will receive a notification when you upload electricity to the grid. You’ll see credits on your bill within a month or two.


That’s it! Once you’re approved and enrolled in the Energy Texas Solar Buy Back program, you can earn money with your solar panels. When you generate more electricity than you use, that energy will go to the grid, and your bill will be credited for the kilowatt-hours you produce. Be sure to review your account every month to see how much you’re saving with solar power AND how much you’re making.


Earn a Return on Your Solar Investment

Generating your own clean, green, renewable electricity is pretty cool by itself, but making a few dollars is even better.


Best of all, it’s a fair, two-way deal. Other companies base their discounts on fluctuating market rates. Not here. Our deals go two ways, and Energy Texas will buy your power at the same rate you pay us for ours. Your credits roll over, so if you want to apply them to future bills, you can keep them to use when you want.


Why Should You Get on the Solar Buyback Program?

Energy Texas is committed to doing everything we can to promote 100% clean, green renewable energy! So we’ll put our money where our mouth is. If you did too, and you have solar panels and want to generate money with them, contact us today! Wrangle up some solar savings, thanks to the Sun-Jacinto Solar Buy Back Program. Giddy up, y’all!


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