The Right Windows Will Cool Your Home and Lower Your Bill

Jul 7, 2021 | Green Living

Even though the temperature keeps going up, you probably don’t want your electricity bill to do the same. Earlier we offered you and your kids some tips on saving energy around your home during the summer, but did you know that your windows can play a big part in energy efficiency? You’d be surprised at how much you save on your energy bill just by fixing your windows.

Buying New Windows

If it’s in your budget, these new windows you purchase may be able to pay for themselves over the long term. Some utility companies may even offer incentives like rebates or discounts when you purchase high-performance windows. If you’re worried about the cost of installation, you may be surprised at how easy it is to do it. In fact, the hardest part of the installation may be getting the old windows out! If it’s out of your budget to replace all the windows in your home, consider new windows for the ones that have the most sunlight hitting them throughout the day.

Fixing Your Current Windows

You may not have to replace all the windows in your home to make them more energy efficient; your old windows may just need a little extra TLC. Check the stripping and caulk in and around your windows in case they are leaking cool air. Both of these are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace on your own.

Window Treatments

Something simple like window film or tinted film can help control the temperature in your home, thus leading to a lower electricity bill. If you don’t like the look of window films you can always invest in window treatments like blinds or curtains to help keep your rooms cooler in the summer while saving style.


Modern-day windows are designed to combat the many challenges that the climate places on homeowners. Consider checking your windows to see if they are fit for the job and you may find you’ll save a lot more.

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