Plans with Affordable Electricity Rates in Dallas

No other city does things quite like Dallas, Texas. Big city living brushes up against a down south deregulated energy market, leavin' you and your neighbors with the power to choose your energy company. At Energy Texas, we pride ourselves on our competitive energy plans with fixed-rate or variable-rate options-plus, we've got big rewards and an honest customer care team that treats you just right.

Service You Can Write Home About

You'll be treated just like family when you sign up for an Energy Texas variable or fixed plan. Southern hospitality is our specialty- it doesn't cost us a thing to be helpful and friendly!

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Renewable Energy Done Texas-Style

Renewable energy comes fresh from the wind (or solar) farm when you select one of our renewable plan options!


Big, Texas-Sized Perks

Get rewarded with bill credits, gift cards, and smart home devices! All you gotta do is pay your electric bill on time, try on paperless billing for size, and consider some other easy-as-pie options that make your energy plan worry-free.


Fuss-free Energy Plans

We think Dallas just plain deserves better. The Energy Texas promise is to provide clear electricity plans and competitive, honest rates from your energy provider.

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View Featured Electricity Plans in Dallas, Texas

Check out these great fixed-rate electricity plans!

Come & Take It 12

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Lock in a fixed rate for an entire year.
  • 12 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Bigger Than Texas 24

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Set it and forget it for the next 2 years.
  • 24 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Inflation Fix 36

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Protect yourself from inflation for the 3 years.
  • 36 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable


Exercise Your Power to Choose Texas Electricity

Getting your electricity from old-fashioned light companies is still something that folks might do, but with a deregulated energy market in Texas, your choices run the gamut. You can go with anything from highfalutin' plans with all the bells and whistles down to the cheapest electricity rates you can find.

As a Dallas resident, we reckon you might consider a humble Texas-style energy company like Energy Texas. We've got plans that suit ‘most any budget and the friendliest customer service in the West.

How to Switch Electric Companies in Dallas

This isn't our first rodeo - we're here to help good folks like you switch electricity providers. As soon as you sign up for one of our electric plans, we've got the rest covered. We'll let your previous energy company know you've moved on to greener pastures. But don't worry, your transmission and distribution supplier will make sure there's no interruption to your service, so you won't experience any power outages or other inconveniences.

That said, you may want to hold your horses if you've got an existing contract with another energy supplier. We wouldn't want you to pay any of those early termination fines or fees. Have a look at your electricity facts label before you switch, or just call us up and we'd be happy to lend a hand and help you figure it out!