Denton Electricity With a Side of Southern Hospitality

You may be knockin' on Fort Worth's door, but we know the city of Denton is special. Just look at that pretty ol' courthouse on the square! You deserve to be recognized all on your own - and that's why we're here. Energy Texas provides affordable electric service designed specifically for you. No bull!

Sweet Southern Hospitality

We follow the golden rule at Energy Texas: Treat others how we want to be treated. That's what our mommas taught us. We run every energy plan we have with a big side of southern hospitality.

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Go Green With Energy Texas

This is our one God-given green earth, so let's keep it clean, y'all. Our fixed rate energy plans use all-Texas wind and solar - and we've got the certificates to prove it


Tex-Cellent Rewards

Earnin' rewards doesn't have to be a fuss. Do simple things like paying your bill on time or signing up for paperless billing, and you earn Texas-sized prizes. Who doesn't want bill credits and gift cards?


Energy Plans Without the Bull

Tired of tricky energy plans? So are we. Denton residents deserve better. Our energy plans are honest, competitive, easy to understand, and (to toot our own horn) the best in show.

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Featured Electricity Plans in Denton, Texas

Move Hassle-Free with the Moving Made Easy Plan and Get Dinner
At Your New Home With a $25 Door Dash Gift Card!


Where's The Power Goin'?


You Can Lasso Your Own Denton Electric Company

We're livin' high on the hog here because Texas electricity is deregulated. That means you can find an energy company that works for you instead of one that's assigned to you. Energy Texas is designed just for you: affordable energy plans for residential customers, great rates, big rewards, and sweeter-than-sweet-tea customer service.

Ride the Trail With a New Denton Electric Company

Switchin' your electric provider in Denton ain't no big thing. Saddle up with one of our affordable energy plans today, and you won't even have to call to tell them you're changin'. We'll holler at them for you.

Don't get hit with a hot poker, though - if you've got a contract for an electricity plan already, wait 'til it's over and done. Otherwise you might could pay a hefty fee for cancelin' early. Look at your plan or give us a call, and we'll help you out.