Electricity You Can Hang Your Hat on in Killeen

Killeen, Texas, may be famous for Fort Hood, but we're fixin' to add on to that with Energy Texas electricity plans. We're a new kind of provider offering fun perks and rewards, honest and affordable rates for your electrical usage, and customer service so good it'll sweeten your tea.

Texas-Style Customer Service

We want you to feel like you're ridin' a gravy train with biscuit wheels, so you can always expect customer service with a hearty helping of Texas hospitality when you partner with Energy Texas.

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Local Texas Renewables

Renewable energy's the way of the future, y'all, and we're here for it. Our green electric plan options come from all-Texas wind and solar, so you can be hometown proud every time you flip on the light!


Rewards Done Right

We treat you how you want to be treated - with great rewards and perks you earn just for being you. Think bill credits, gift cards, and more, all for doing simple stuff like paying your bill and going paperless.


Energy Plans Without the Hassle

We don't like a fuss, and you shouldn't have to deal with one. With our energy service, you'll get simple and honest electric plans at competitive rates - and you can take that to the bank.

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Killeen's Featured Electricity Plans

Check out these great fixed-rate electricity plans!

Come & Take It 12

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Lock in a fixed rate for an entire year.
  • 12 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Bigger Than Texas 24

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Set it and forget it for the next 2 years.
  • 24 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Inflation Fix 36

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Protect yourself from inflation for the 3 years.
  • 36 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable


In Killeen, You Can Round Up Your Own Electric Provider

The industry is deregulated in Texas, which means Killeen residents can pick their own service. Why not switch to a retail electricity provider with honest plans, affordable rates, and rewards you can earn just for being you? Runnin' with the big dogs isn't always best, so we recommend y'all pick a provider with your best interests at heart.

Ready and Rarin' to Switch Electric Companies in Killeen?

Hitched your horse to the wrong electricity wagon? Don't worry - it's easy as pie to switch utility providers in Killeen. When you sign up for one of our fuss-free electricity plans, our team will get in touch with your old one to let them know you're movin' on.

If you're still in the middle of a contract, make sure to check your electricity facts label before movin' on, or you might have to pay a hefty termination fee. Give us a call and we'll help you parse through the terms of your contract.