Get an Affordable Electric Rate in Round Rock

Texans are moving to Round Rock for its outdoor adventure, historical sites, and proximity to Austin. And when you get there, you deserve the best electricity rates available. We're saying howdy from Energy Texas, a company revitalizing the electricity game with honest, friendly service and huge rewards.

Electricity, Meet Southern Hospitality

We pride ourselves on pairing your energy plan with good ol' fashioned southern hospitality. As long as we got a biscuit, you got half - and you can take that to the bank.


Goin' Green in Texas

Those wind farms aren't just to keep away the heat. Our renewable energy plan options are sourced from 100% wind and solar renewable energy in Texas. If that ain't down-home service, we don't know what is.


Perks Sized for Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas, including rewards. You get 'em just for being you! We'll lower your monthly bill with credits and put money back in your pocket for simple things like paying your bill on time.


No-Fuss Energy Plans

This ain't our first rodeo. We've seen plans other companies offer, and we think Round Rock deserves better. With Energy Texas, you'll get simple, fuss-free plans at a great price.

no-bull energy plans

View Featured Electric Plans in Round Rock, Texas

Check out these great fixed-rate electricity plans!

Come & Take It 12

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Lock in a fixed rate for an entire year.
  • 12 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Bigger Than Texas 24

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Set it and forget it for the next 2 years.
  • 24 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable

Inflation Fix 36

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Protect yourself from inflation for the 3 years.
  • 36 months
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% renewable


In Round Rock, the Power to Choose Electric Providers is Yours

Required electrical companies based on where you live? That's not how we do it down here in Texas. Electricity in the Lone Star State is deregulated, so if you want to wrangle your own electric company, the lasso is yours. For affordable retail electric service with renewable energy options, Texas-sized perks, and genuine southern hospitality, choose Energy Texas today.

No Hill for a Stepper to Switch Electrical Service

Does your current electric company have horns holding up its halo? Don't worry ??" it's easy as pie to switch your electrical service in Round Rock. Once you tie down a plan with Energy Texas, we'll talk to your old company and let them know you're switching.

We reckon you'd better wait for the end of your current contract, though. You may end up havin' to pay an early termination fee that's bigger'n Round Rock. Have a look, or holler at us and we'll help you check.