A Privately Owned Electricity Provider You Can Trust

Energy Texas is independently owned and operated right here in Texas. Like most Texans, we value our independence, because it allows us to offer no-bull plans, unbeatable customer service, and actually fun rewards. In other words, we're not controlled by an out-of-state conglomerate that determines which rates we can offer based on ruthless bottom-line calculations. At Energy Texas, we call the shots, and we're always aiming to treat our fellow Texans the way we want to be treated.


Who Is Energy Texas?

Committed to Customer Service

We treat our customers the way our mamas taught us - like family. We're always eager to serve, whether you have questions about your account or need tips to conserve energy.

Customer Service

Rarin' for Renewables

We care about this state - the people, their livelihoods, and the land itself. That's why we offer clean electricity sourced from 100% Texas-made wind and solar energy.


Really Into Rewards

At Energy Texas, customer service goes beyond meeting your needs. We also love giving you more of what you want, like gift cards, bill credits, and even smart home tech!


Straight-Talkin' Texans

We started Energy Texas because we believe Texans deserve simple plans, competitive rates, and dedicated customer support. We'll always give it to you straight.

Energy Texas Bull

Your Friendly Neighborhood Electricity Provider

Energy Texas is not only independently owned. It's also run by and for Texans, right here in Texas. Ready to switch to a different kind of electricity company? Find out which of our plans is right for you!