The Energy Company That Knows Texas

While you're shoppin' for an energy deal, consider shifting from market prices to a fixed-rate electricity plan. We know Texas hot and cold weather can be unrelenting, and fixed price plans can help y'all budget for a more stable electricity bill. With a fixed rate, you'll never have to worry about seasonally high bills again.

A Southern Take on Customer Service

Our mamas raised us to treat folks right, and we know it's what matters most to y'all, too. That's why we make every effort to go the extra mile for our customers.


Green, Renewable Electricity Plans

Our fixed-rate green energy plans are as local as they come with 100% Texas wind or solar energy. That means you can power your home and support green infrastructure in Texas.


Simple and Easy Energy Plans

Don't let fine print or terms and conditions intimidate you. We only offer competitive plans with fair rates and honest, transparent customer care, so you can switch with confidence.

no-bull energy plans

Featured Fixed Electricity Plans in Texas

Check out these great fixed-rate electricity plans!

Your Power to Choose a Texas Electricity Company

The energy market in Texas is deregulated, which means you can choose from the energy providers that service your area. If you're lookin' to save money on wholesale prices, it's often easiest to find a new energy plan with a better rate. At Energy Texas, we only offer affordable electric rates and plans alongside our standard Tex-cellent customer service!


How to Switch Electric Companies in Texas

Switchin' electric providers can be tough, but our customer care reps are here to make things as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is sign up for a new energy plan, and we'll sort out the rest with your previous energy provider. We'll even break the news that you're leavin' 'em for greener pastures.

But make sure to mind your terms and conditions before switching. Otherwise, you might be liable for exit fees or other such costs-and we can't have that! Check your electricity facts label or call us up and we'll look into it.