Electricity Plans Made for Texans, by Texans

Hey, y'all! We're Energy Texas - and we're changing the Texas energy game for good. We are proud Texans looking to serve our neighbors with best-in-class plans, customer service and rewards!

Whether you want to go green or just need a fair electric rate, we've got a plan for you that is simple, affordable and backed by 100% Texas-based customer service.

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Why Choose Energy Texas

Tex-cellent Customer Service

We were taught to treat others how we want to be treated, and we take that lesson to heart. At Energy Texas, you'll always come first. That's how we do business.

Customer Service

Texas-made Renewables

Green energy ain't going anywhere, y'all. We've made all our plans renewable sourced straight from Texas made wind and solar energy. The future is green, and we're here for it.


Texas-Sized Rewards

Pay on time and get rewarded the way you want to be! Earn bill credits, smart devices, gift cards and more! Earn your rewards faster when you sign up for Paperless communications!


No-bull Energy Plans

We created Energy Texas because we believe Texas deserves better. Our promise to customers is to always provide simple plans, competitive pricing and top-tier customer support.

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We Don't Mess with Texans


If one thing's for certain, you don't mess with Texas. And that includes you and your electricity. We want to serve you power - straight up!


Our Most Popular Electricity Plan


Where's The Power Goin'?


Power to Choose in Texas Explained

Electricity in Texas is deregulated. This means that Retail Electricity Providers, like us, are working super hard for your business and you get to benefit! You've got power to pick your electricity provider and plan. We are proud to offer a variety of plans, best in class customer service, a robust rewards program and renewable (green) energy.

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