How Flexible Can I Be with Energy Texas’ Freedom Flex?

May 26, 2023 | Plans, Rates, and Programs

Ever notice how so many retail electricity providers want to be buddies before service contracts are signed and hardball attorneys after? That’s a common complaint our customer satisfaction team hears about a lot. Many folks making the switch to Energy Texas are exiting a bad relationship with a previous supplier that went sour because their service plan no longer met their needs or wasn’t priced fairly relative to current market pricing, and there was no way out.

Here at Energy Texas, we understand the frustration and see a huge opportunity to offer a better alternative to what all the other guys are doing — that’s why we’ve introduced Freedom Flex!

What Is Freedom Flex?

Freedom Flex is a monthly subscription add-on for all Energy Texas customers that allows you to switch your plan contract once every 30 days. It’s only $4.95/mo and is an upgrade that lives up to its name. Once you’ve subscribed and see a lower rate for another plan, you can switch your plan without an early termination fee on the plan you’re switching from!

How Does Freedom Flex Work? 

You can opt into the Freedom Flex subscription at any time within your MyAccount. Once you’re enrolled, you have the ability to change your electricity plan as often as once every thirty days. That’s it! Rates went down? Go ahead and switch. It’s Tuesday, and you want a new electric plan just because? Go ahead and switch!

Did we already say this is all without any worries of termination fees? Probably, but it’s worth repeating because this flexibility is what makes Freedom Flex so unique. Nobody else is offering anything like this, but nobody else is committed to giving you the best electricity experience possible like Energy Texas!

How Flexible Can I Be?

Freedom Flex gives you the power to change your electricity plan once every thirty days. Freedom Flex is designed to be a helpful feature that our customers use and benefit from, so you won’t find a lot of fine print, restrictions, and limitations. Just a simple feature that could save you money and make your electricity-purchasing experience positive.

Benefits of Freedom Flex 

With Freedom Flex, you can change your plan whenever market rates or your needs change. This flexibility means you can always find the plan that best suits your needs and never have to worry about paying a bunch of unfair fees. In addition to the flexibility, you’ll get access to great features like usage monitoring that will help you keep more money in your pocket!

Start Flexing Today

Energy Texas’ Freedom Flex is the most flexible and customer-friendly electric service plan available! You can switch plans as often as every 30 days without paying early termination fees. Plus, choosing Energy Texas allows you to monitor your usage, set alerts, and track your energy savings!

Find Freedom Flex in your MyAccount after you sign up for an Energy Texas plan. Once logged in, you can find the monthly subscription under the Plan and Services in the sidebar. After you’ve accepted the $4.95 subscription, you are enrolled and ready to start flexing your power to choose!

Opt-in today and experience freedom from restrictive contracts and unfair fees!

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