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Oct 26, 2022 | Energy Deregulation, Industry Happenings

If you live in one of the many areas of Texas that have a deregulated energy market and you have ever shopped for electricity, you might have found yourself amazed, or even a bit overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available to you. There are many different retail electricity providers, and they offer just as many varieties of electric plans. How do you sift through everything and not just get a good deal, but also avoid the bad deals?


Well, one of the ways some people do this is by signing up with an electricity plan subscription service that does the shopping, provider and plan vetting, comparing, and everything else that goes into choosing a monthly electric plan. There are a few of these services, and one we’ve been asked about is Energy Ogre, so let’s take a look.


What Is Energy Ogre?

Energy Ogre is an electricity management service that, for $120/year, will handle the selection of an electricity provider, enroll you in a plan, and handle renewal when your plan is nearing expiration. They advertise a proprietary system that monitors the market to find the best plan for their members, which they say also includes below-market pricing.


How Does It Work?

Energy Ogre starts by evaluating a person’s electricity usage with a recent statement. Their algorithms process the usage and then search for available plans and apply their pricing structure according to the amount of electricity a person uses and when they use it. If Energy Ogre finds a plan that the person searching wants to sign up for, Energy Ogre will handle the service switch with the old provider.


From there, Energy Ogre monitors the market and compares available plans against the person’s usage pattern. If a better plan becomes available, they’ll recommend it or simply switch you altogether. They’ll act as a customer service liaison with the electricity provider if any issues arise, and they have a dashboard with bill estimates and other tools.


Pros & Cons of Energy Ogre

Is Energy Ogre worth your time and $120? Let’s look at some of the objective pros and cons of Energy Ogre and its service.


Pro: They’ll Handle Everything

If you really want a completely hands-off approach to electricity service where you barely have to lift a finger, Energy Ogre might offer what you want. They’ll do all the shopping, talking, comparing, and switching. Some people appreciate the peace of mind that it provides.


Con: No Guarantee You’ll Save Money

Energy Ogre might be able to find you a cheaper plan than you have now, but there’s no guarantee. If you already have a good plan from a reputable provider, you might already be exactly where you want to be.


Pro: No Gimmick Plans

Energy Ogre claims that many electricity companies purposely confuse customers with complicated plans that aren’t always what they seem. Their algorithms claim to weed out these types of plans from consideration altogether.


Con: Limited Control

When you sign up with Energy Ogre, you agree to let them sign contracts for you and change your electricity plan. Your plan could change to another provider before you know it.


Pro: Market & Expiration Monitoring

If a new plan is available, Energy Ogre will inform you and give you the opportunity to switch (and potentially pay a termination fee). They’ll also keep track of your contract dates and renew service when it’s time, and you can manage your account with their online dashboard.


Con: User Reviews

Energy Ogre talks a big talk, but does their actual service back up the brochure? As with anything else, reading user reviews is always a good idea. We’ll let everyone do their own talking, but we suggest you look at what other people in your community are saying on unbiased, third-party review sites before committing to Energy Ogre.


Do You Need Energy Ogre?

Energy Ogre isn’t the only game in town. One of their direct competitors is a company known as Power Wizard. They provide a similar service as Energy Ogre with a few differences. The Power to Choose website is a government-sponsored online marketplace where electric providers list their plans with energy and delivery rates. Frankly, you don’t need an electricity monitoring service when you have Energy Texas! 


Save Every Month With a Solid, Fixed-Rate Plan From Energy Texas

One of the impressions you might get when reading the Energy Ogre website is that shopping for electricity is almost a predatory process, with energy providers taking advantage of customers right and left. Unless you have Energy Ogre to protect you, you will be the next overpaying statistic.


While it is true that not every provider offers five-star service, Energy Texas does! You’re here now so if you’re looking for reliable service at a fair rate without the games, gimmicks, and nonsense, you’ve found it. We’re nice people who want to help! You don’t need to pay a service to talk to us.


Check out the plans available in your area in just ten minutes. Our straightforward, all-inclusive pricing is as clear as the Texas sky on a beautiful summer day. 


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