6 Ways to Stay Cool Without Stressing Your Air Conditioner

Jul 29, 2021 | Energy Conservation & Savings, Good to Know, Green Living

A Texas heatwave is never fun, and if you’ve pushed your AC up to 80 degrees because of a Peak Event, it can be daunting. Current weather forecasts show we’re still in for high temperatures throughout the rest of the month. So, if you need ways to stay comfortable without breaking your budget, here are some things you can do during the next heatwave without relying solely on your air conditioning.

1) Open the Windows

Keep the air flowing in your home by using a natural breeze. Open windows on opposite sides of a room to encourage a cross breeze.

2) Close the Blinds

Sunlight pouring into any room will dramatically increase the temperature. Close the curtains and the blinds as far as you can to block the sunlight without hampering the airflow through the open windows. The more sunlight you can block, the cooler it will stay.

3) Limit Your Activity

Moving around your home takes energy and thus generates heat – don’t overwork yourself! When the sun is at its peak, try to remain as stationary as possible. Think of yourself as a Texas spiny lizard, and you’ll be on the right track.

4) Stay Hydrated

In this heat, you’re going to sweat no matter what, so make sure to drink plenty of water. A cold glass of water not only helps replace the fluids you lose to sweat, but it will also cool you down. Choose water over other beverages such as tea, coffee, or soda.

5) Battery-Powered Fans

Take comfort with yourself by picking up a couple of battery-powered fans you can freely move around the house. These fans are inexpensive, and they can be very helpful during the peak hours of the day.

6) Get Out of the House

If you can’t stand it any longer in your home, then leave. Your home’s air conditioning may be set at 80 degrees, but there are plenty of other places where you’ll find cooler temperatures. Use this time as a perfect opportunity to get that grocery shopping done. You could also pick up school materials for the kids or even start your way-too-early Christmas shopping. Just the thought of the holiday season will have you feeling cooler in no time.

Since the Texas heat isn’t leaving any time soon, we hope these tips help you learn how to stay cool without overworking your air conditioning during this blistering August. 

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