Which Smart Home Tech to Look for on Black Friday

Nov 23, 2022 | Seasonal Fun, Smart Home

Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber Monday (November 28) are literally just days away. They’re the biggest shopping days of the year, with online spending this year projected to hit $13 billion. Many of us are trying to find out which deals are out there and how to prioritize our shopping. If you’ve been thinking about some new smart tech gadgetry for your house, now might be a great time to get it all at a good price. In this article, we’ll look at a few benefits of smart devices, some of the top-selling products to watch for and where to look.


What’s So Great About Smart Home Tech?

Smart home gadgets offer a ton of benefits, like better control over energy usage, security, and total customization of how and when your devices operate. Imagine being able to turn on the lights in certain areas of your house, run the dryer for an additional 10 minutes, lower the blinds, start the oven, override the sprinkler system, and see what’s happening on any of your security cameras, all from your phone. Smart home devices make it possible, and some may even save you money on electricity.


Many of the initial disadvantages with some of the pre-smart era devices have been rectified. Most products are plug-and-play so installation costs are nonexistent. Gone are the complicated user interfaces and in its place are easy-to-use apps that run on any smartphone. With more than three-quarters of American adults having broadband internet service, internet connectivity is the new norm.


Where to Find Deals

Let’s narrow down the sea of sales. The obvious places to look for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the big retailers that we’re all familiar with — Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, eBay, QVC, and others. If you have identified specific brands that you’re interested in, don’t forget to check out that brands’ own website, too. Oftentimes they offer good or even better discounts.


Even though it’s not technically Black Friday yet (depending when you’re reading this), go online and scope out early deals. Over the last few years, some retailers have started offering early access discounts and you might spot an opportunity to be the early bird who gets the worm. Or, in this case, the prudent shopper who gets a Nest Thermostat.


Smart Home Tech to Look for On Black Friday

Below are some of the most popular smart home technologies to keep an eye out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We avoided endorsing any specific brands in the interest of staying impartial.


Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat does sit on top as our top suggestion. Smart thermostats allow you to, well, be smart about your home’s heating and cooling costs. You can control them from anywhere with an app. So if you’re coming home earlier than expected and want to adjust the air conditioner, you can do it right from your phone. Some models will learn your preferences and make adjustments automatically. They aren’t super expensive and Energy Star-certified models can save you about 8% on your annual heating and cooling costs. Best of all, they’re an easy plug-and-play installation on most HVAC systems. 


Smart Outlets

Another one of our cost-effective favorites are the smart outlets. These smart home essential devices come in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor models and their basic purpose is the ability to act like a switch that you can control over wifi, but many of them have more advanced features such as learning your energy usage and analyzing grid data to turn plugged-in appliances on or off to save energy. Some models are also compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.


Smart Light Bulbs

A few years ago, LED lights ushered in a revolution in the lighting scene. Now, smart bulbs are poised to do it again. Smart lighting is a fast and easy way to add dynamic lighting to any room in your house. Picture it — light bulbs you control with an app over wifi. Change the colors, adjust the dimming, put them on a schedule, set a timer, orchestrate a light show — whatever you want. In addition to that fun stuff, LED bulbs last over 25,000 hours and use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs!


Smart Security Devices

Smart security devices like security cameras and smart locks can give you high-tech features at a super affordable price. Smart locks can be controlled from anywhere if you have a delivery or service appointment scheduled. Security cameras have motion detection, built-in spotlights, and they can upload recordings to the cloud, an online space of storage. Most of the brands offer kits that can be scaled and be built upon with new additional devices as your needs evolve. Definitely, check out some of the newest smart home security tech if you haven’t already this Black Friday shopping weekend!


Smart Appliances

If you’re thinking a little bigger and really want to go full-dive into smart home technology, check out the smart appliances. Some models of smart refrigerators can help you plan meal calendars. Want the oven preheated by the time you get home? A little *beep* *boop* on the phone and your smart oven is on it. Make sure to watch for the Energy Star-certified label so that you know it uses less energy than conventional counterparts.


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